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Mana Danesh Pasargad Company, with its experienced, active and motivated human resources, as well as advanced and sometimes unique equipment and devices, has the ability to perform a wide range of required tests according to the guidelines of international standards. These tests include the measurement of stabilized light and heavy crude oil quality factors such as gravity, salt content, hydrogen sulfide, water and sediments, sulfur, viscosity, asphaltene, pour point, flash point, etc. It is hoped that this company will be able to play an important role in controlling the quality of oil and gas produced within the defined standards as a powerful arm for oil, processing and gas employers.

List of well and acid working tests

Services provided in the field of acid processing operations:

  1. Determine the pH of acidic fluids including return acid online in the field
  2. Investigating the compatibility of acidic fluid with reservoir fluid
  3. Evaluation of the quality of corrosion inhibitors in acid processing operations

Services provided in the field of petroleum fluids:

  1. Determination of sediments and water in oil (BS&W)
  2. Determination of wax and asphaltene content in oil
  3. Determination of solid sediment characteristics using XRD, XRF, FTIR analyzes
  4. Evaluation of quality and performance of Wax and Asphaltene Inhibitors
  5. Determining the viscosity and density of oil in terms of temperature changes
  6. Determination of wax formation temperature (WAT) and wax disappearance temperature (WDT) in oil
  7. Check the quality of corrosion inhibitors

Services provided in the field of gaseous fluids:

  • Determination of hydrocarbon and non-gaseous hydrocarbon compounds including CO2, H2S, N2, C1, C2, C3,… .. C12 +
  • Accurate determination of gas characteristics including molecular mass, calorific value, density, compression ratio (Z-factor)
  • Sampling of associated gas and condensate from the separator
  • Complete analysis of gas condensate
  • Accurate determination of gas compounds online in the field using Gas Sampling Pump taking into account temperature and humidity corrections including:
    • CO2, CO, H2O, O2, Hg, SO2, …
    • H2S in the range 0-400,000 ppm

Different sulfur compounds include:

  • Butyl mercaptan
  • tert-Butyl mercaptan
  • Ethyl mercaptan
  • Isopropyl mercaptan
  • 2-Mercaptoethanol
  • Methyl mercaptan
  • Propyl mercaptan
  • Carbonyl Sulphide, COS

Various ammonia compounds include:

  • Ammonia
  • Dimethylamine
  • N,N-Dimethylethylamine
  • Hydrazine
  • Methylamine
  • Triethylamine
  • Trimethylamine

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